Asus EeePad Transformer TF101 10.1 inch Tablet PC (nVidia Tegra2 1GHz, 1Gb, 16Gb eMMC, WLAN, BT, Android 3.0) with docking station and keyboard

by ps3gamer team 20. July 2011 09:42
The tablet is very fast and extremely responsive. Multitasking using Android 3.0 is impressive, and it was very easy to switch between running apps quickly and without fuss. There was no lag at any point, save for a few quirks with the mouse cursor.

The keyboard is also a fantastic addition, and anyone wanting to get hold of this tablet should definitely consider spending the extra £50 or so on the keyboard dock. It adds extra functionality and another six hours of battery life into the mix.

Battery life itself is a major positive – 16 hours with the dock gives you a lot of options, and far outstretches any tablet we've seen. That said, it won't charge over a USB connection with your computer, you'll need the bundled mains adapter for that.

The screen is excellent – we couldn't fault it at all. The display also seems to resist finger smudges better than most, although it's still not as impressive as the iPad 2 in this regard.

The inclusion of features such as SD and MicroSD slots, miniHDMI-out and two USB ports only increases the tablet's functionality further. And of course, with the Android 3.1 updadte adding the ability to host cameras and other external devices, this tablet is only going to get more useful.


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GamesCom 2010: Sony PS3 press conference rundown

by ps3gamer team 18. August 2010 17:06


Cologne, Germany… August 17th 2010… GamesCom 2010… Sony takes to the stage for their eagerly awaited press conference. Can they possibly top last year’s announcement of the Sony PlayStation 3 Slim? Could we get our first glimpse at the oft-rumoured PSP 2? PSP Phone anyone? Let’s find out in our 2 minute rundown...

New PlayStation 3 Move bundle with 320Gb HDD to be available to coinside with the September 17th PlayStation Move UK launch date.

Standard PS3 Slim bundle gets a capacity upgrade from 120Gb to 160Gb.; price stays the same.

New 360GB HDD PS3 hardware bundle coming to Europe… I would expect well in time for the Christmas rush.

Loads of PlayStation Move titles were demoed, most of which you have seen at E3.

New XMB based ‘catch-up’ streaming TV services for UK and Australia announced. Expected 2010.

Play TV also gets the social network treatment with an update that promises the ability to post comments about what you’re currently watching directly to Facebook et al, live chat with others whilst watching live TV, as well as the standard PVR features of being able to pause, rewind, record your favourite programmes.

MUBI – A new independent movie streaming service starting soon throughout Europe that will offer indie movies via the PSN Video Store. MUBI also promises a ‘social’ experience.

Insomniac announce two new titles: ‘Ratchet and Clank: All4One’ & ‘Resistance 3‘.
The new R&C game returns with the tried and tested Pixar style madness – this time with a focus on 4 player multiplayer action. We were also treated to the first official confirmation of the [self-professed] worst kept secret in gaming, Resistance 3… all be it in the form of a live action teaser trailer. Neither games have been given a solid release date  yet (R&C is teased for “fall 2011”)but it’s nice to see Insomniac showing they still have love for the PS3 exclusives following their recent multi-platform announcements.

Killzone 3 Is shown-off (again). Check out the multiplayer video below...

Infamous 2 is teased again, this time to the theme of "House of the Rising Sun”. The trailer style is kinda artsy but it’s nice to see a return (of sorts) to the “old Cole”. The game looks like it’s shaping-up nicely for an early 2011 launch. Check out the trailer below...

Media Molecule touted LittleBigPlanet 2 and offered another chance to see their much improved creation tools in the form of a new music editor and cut-scene creator. Although the US release date has been scheduled for November 16, 2010 there is still no solid date for the UK release.

Gran Torismo 5 release date.. err… dated. You can get your hands on the long overdue driving simulator on November 3rd 2010.

Sega's announced Virtua Tennis 4 will be hitting the PS3 in 2011 and will not only be Move compatible, it will also support stereoscopic 3D – for those of you with a couple grand to spare for a shiny new TV.

2k Sports’ NBA 2k11 released a debut trailer including your favourite NBA stars of past and present, of course featuring cover-art superstar Michael Jordan.

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European PSN update for Thursday 16/04/2009

by ps3gamer team 17. April 2009 13:30

OutRun Online Arcade hit European PSN 

Following last week’s PSN update I wasn’t expecting too much this week – Oh how wrong can you be!

Besides the massive amount of DLC, including the Encore expansion pack for PixelJunk Eden, Valkyria Chronicles and LittleBigPlanet, this week also sees the release of the eagerly awaited OutRun Online Arcade on the Euro PSN.

I’ll keep the run down brief this week as I must get off to start the monster download session!
Full Games

  • PS3: OutRun Online Arcade full game (£7.99)
  • PSP: Need For Speed Most Wanted full game (£15.99)

DLC & Add-on Content

  • PixelJunk Eden Encore expansion (£2.39)
  • Midnight Club LA South Central Vehicle Pack (£2.39)
  • 3x Valkyria Chronicles add-on packs (£3.19 each)
  • FEAR 2 Multiplayer Map pack (free)
  • Magic Ball Wicked Witches booster pack (£2.39)
  • LittleBigPlanet Monkey King costume (free)
  • Rock Band DLC
  • Guitar Hero World Tour DLC


  • MotorStorm Pacific Rift Fire Zone trailer
  • Themes and Wallpapers
  • PixelJunk Eden Encore theme
  • PixelJunk Eden Encore wallpaper
  • Crash Commando Daylight wallpaper


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PS3 games | PSN News

European PSN update for Thursday 09/04/2009

by ps3gamer team 9. April 2009 22:19

European PSN update for Thursday 09 March 2009 - Flock on PSN 

Oh my goodness – here comes another week of not having any non-gaming spare time! SCEE, with this update you are really spoiling us – and about bloody time!!

This week has a bit of an end-of-season sale fell to it with a whole bunch of PSN titles receiving a price reduction until April 23. Notable discounted PSN titles include Crash Commando, echochrome, PAIN, PixelJunk Racers, Ratchet and Clank: Quest For Booty, Siren Blood Curse and Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Online.

But that’s not all SCEE have for you lucky lucky PSN’ers... Oh no. There’s a few pretty decent full game and demos available as well. Anyone for Rag Doll Kung Fu, Flock (demo and full game), Worms, Hail to the Chimp or The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena demo?

Maybe you’re not looking for a new game any wantedsome new DLC for one of your olf favourites, no problems... SCEE have that in hand too with add on content for Resident Evil 5 (Versus Mode add-on), LittleBigPlanet (Rag Doll Kung Fu pack & Patapon costume pack), 007 Quantum of Solace (Camille map pack) and the usual round of Guitar Hero World Tour and Rock Band DLC.

So what are you still doing here reading this? Get going... nothing to see here... move along now!

Price Reductions (Reductions end April 23)

  • WipEout HD (£11.99)
  • Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Online (£11.99)
  • High Velocity Bowling (£4.79/€5.99)
  • Crash Commando (£4.79/€5.99)
  • PAIN (£3.99/€4.79/€5.99)
  • Ratchet and Clank: Quest For Booty (£7.99)
  • Siren Blood Curse (£14.99)
  • Riff: Everyday Shooter (£3.99/€4.99)
  • Dark Mist (£3.99/€4.99)
  • echochrome (£4.79/€5.99)
  • Piyotama (£2.39/€2.99)
  • Elefunk (£3.99/€4.99)
  • Snakeball (£3.99/€4.99)
  • Calling All Cars (£3.99/€4.99)
  • Nucleus (£3.99/€4.99)
  • PixelJunk Racers (£3.99/€4.99)
  • Toy Home (£3.99/€4.99)

Full Games and Demos

  • Rag Doll Kung Fu full game (£7.99/€9.99)
  • Flock demo (free)
  • Flock full game (£11.99/€14.99)
  • Worms full game (£7.99/€9.99)
  • Hail to the Chimp full game (£11.99/€14.99)
  • The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena demo (free)

DLC & Add-on Content

  • Resident Evil 5 Versus Mode add-on (£3.99/€4.99)
  • LittleBigPlanet Rag Doll Kung Fu pack (£2.39/€2.99)
  • LittleBigPlanet Patapon costume pack (£1.59/€1.99)
  • Quantum of Solace Camille map pack (£3.99/€4.99)
  • Guitar Hero World Tour DLC
  • Rock Band DLC


  • inFamous City of Fear trailer
  • MotorStorm Arctic Edge trailer
  • PAIN David Hasselhoff trailer
  • Mirror's Edge Pure Time Trails trailer
  • PlayTV Update Q&A trailer
  • Resistance Retribution Shattered Stone trailer
  • Resistance Connect For PSP trailer 

Themes and Wallpapers

  • Rag Doll Kung Fu Master wallpaper
  • Crash Commando fight wallpaper

PSP Content

  • Ape Academy full game (£14.99)
  • Lemmings full game (£14.99)
  • Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice full game (£14.99)
  • Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror full game £14.99)


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PS3 games | PSN News

European PSN update for Thursday 02/04/2009

by ps3gamer team 2. April 2009 23:04

European PSN update for Thursday 02/04/2009 - Red Alert 3 DLC 

Hopefully you didn’t grab everything from last week’s PSN update as this week doesn’t really inspire you to login any time soon. Maybe I’m being a bit harsh... maybe not?

Assuming you do decide to take the time what’ll you find? Well, there’s a fair amount of DLC for Red Alert 3, Street Fighter IV, Unreal Tournament 3, PAIN, Naruto, Sonic and the regular supply of Rock Band and  Guitar Hero DLC.

That’s about it really. There's always next week I guess.

DLC & Add-on Content

  • Red Alert 3 Isles of Conflict pack (free)
  • Street Fighter IV Classic pack (£3.19)
  • Unreal Tournament 3 Titan Pack (real one this time, free)
  • PAIN Brock Lee character pack (£0.79)
  • PAIN Ao No Kutsu character pack (£0.79)
  • Sonic Unleashed Chun-nan adventure pack (£3.19)
  • Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Storm pack 9 (free)
  • Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Storm pack 10 (free)
  • Rock Band DLC
  • Guitar Hero World Tour DLC


  • Everybody's Golf: World Tour Excitement trailer
  • RUSE announcement trailer
  • Split Second announcement trailer

Themes and wallpapers

  • Rag Doll Kung Fu theme
  • PAIN Brock Lee theme
  • PAIN El Chile Grande theme
  • Rag Doll Kung Fu wallpaper

PSP Content

  • Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce demo



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